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Initial Pilot Post

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I wonder what the Slug field I just generated is used for in this blog situation? It was the only required field and the only one with a "Generate" button attached to it so I just used the button and the minimum requirements are suddenly fulfilled! That's great! Let's see if we can keep it up. The next field after this one is labeled, "Excerpt". If anything should be 'Generated' I feel like it should be that next one. Not sure what I'm supposed to supply to a textarea labeled in such a way; alas I can't just keep typing in this box and I must eventually move on forward towards it. So lets go do that right now...

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The Struggle is Fucking Real!!

Oh boy -- so frustrated writing this fucking shit right now it's stupid! Like Gawd Damnit Fucking Shit Can SUCK sometimes@!@#%%$@!$

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....another one!

Wtf is going on here...could this possibly be a huge time sink amidst this game of life?